self - scott powers - 7/25/12 - created in procreate on ipad

Webdisaster is the occasionally active relationship between Scott Powers and art/web design. Every few years or so, Webdisaster rises like the legendary Phoenix out of the ashes of Scott’s prior boredom to unleash a fiery rain of artistic mediocrity upon an unsuspecting populace. Then it burns out really fast and takes a nap for a few years.

This is the latest iteration of the site, mainly designed with and containing content created on Scott’s new iPad Surface Pro 3 7. For older versions of the site, click the ‘Old Sites’ link in the upper right corner.

Scott is an IT professional, husband, father, neurotic mess, and sometimes artist. He is currently living the idyllic suburban dream in Northwestern Illinois with his beautiful wife Kimberly, wonderful children Ethan and Emily, too many cats, and a turtle.

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  1. Monica Farraj
    Monica Farraj · October 14, 2013 at 15:10:19 ·

    I have a great mom and her name is Nancy Pruitt. I live in Lake Mary, fl

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