Memetacine™ (Instrumental)

Meme I been assistance resistant For my entire existence Always written these missives against this viral insistence With a mystic’s persistence I keep my physical distance While attempting to connectAll these disparate instants Deadly influential business bids us binge just like piglets At the titties of the biggest piggies rationin’ the spigots All these bigots cashin’ in manipulating the system Just to see how many billions of bills this shit gets ’em The juxtaposition of dissonant images framed as fact Eroding every act in our democratic pact The framework of our nation being blatantly attacked Ain’t grave enough to get inundated neighbors to react Reticent to jettison The merits of Memetacine™ Infection spreads again inside The den of every denizen Memetic transcription is how the shit spreads Magnificently beneficial if we could all just keep our heads But the more we find our minds and spirits willing to be led The algorithm becomes deaf that it’s essential we’re not dead We’re better than this, I caught myself havin’ the thought Like we’re wastin’ away the gifts that our heredity bought Thought sarcastic banter was givin’ it all I got Turns out that it’s the only shit I shoulda forgot Cuz it rotted away the feelings with the failure for so long And I been violently trying to stifle the crying all along I thought that I was special,  turns out that I was wrong So I cut communication and paste it into a song Reticent to jettison The merits of Memetacine™ A benison for the venison The memory how he bled again What have memes and Bambicide in common you ask? It’s all about what happens behind the eyes under the mask Kill or be killed might not be the only task But I bet it’s the one that matters to the one that’ll stand last Neither good nor evil just natural replication Eat fuck shit kill then take a vacation Except vocation exploitation, can’t abandon your station In divine efficient resource redirection innovation So good luck motherfuckers we’re all of us gonna need it’ Cuz the enemy we face daily ain’t easily defeated It’s not some mythic war between a Devil and a Jesus It’s the darkness in our hearts and how we’re allowing it to seize us Reticent to jettison The merits of Memetacine™ The balance of remembering That None of us are better than Kindling in a blaze that eventually goes out Billowing in a haze of perpetual self-doubt And you can sit and pout or you can stand devout But it’s less about the message and more about the route Louts without clout rout the trough before the drought While prophets spout doctrine how the son will sprout And I can’t always fathom what I’m blatherin’ about Like Taravangian mapping the ‘gram before I’m out